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The African Geodetic Reference Frame (AFREF) was conceived as a unified geodetic reference frame for Africa to be the fundamental basis for the national and regional three-dimensional reference networks fully consistent and homogeneous with the International Terrestrial Reference Frame (ITRF). To achieve this, Continuously Operating Reference Operating Stations (CORS) or Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) base stations requires to be established.

RCMN is such a base station hosted by RCMRD, Nairobi. It is Leica 1200 GG receiver and is being managed by spider CORS software. The station is also International GNSS services registered. For more information check AFREF website and AFREF data center for CORS stations in Africa and data holding.

RCMRD also publishes quarterly AFREF newsletter on status and the implementation and other GNSS news and related technologies. Click here for AFREF newsletters and other AFREF documents.

RCMN participates in IGS Real Time Pilot Project (RTPP), (RTCM messages 3.0;1004(1),1006(15),1008(15),1012(1))are available using NTRIP on the IGS caster. A username and password are not required to access the stream; however a password is required to access the IGS NTRIP caster and is available via online registration at IGS caster.

 Mountpoint: RCMN0  Network: Misc
 Ntrip Caster:  Stream: Greenwich_CT/RTK/GPS


RTK & DGPS Streaming RTK observables (RTCM Messages 3.1X ver .3.1) are available using NTRIP at IP address A username and password is required to access our stream which you can acquire through RTK Registration. Please signup and fill in your credential for registration. RTK surveys can now be carried within 30km radius from RCMN with RCMN as the base.

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