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The Regional Centre for Mapping of Resource for Development (RCMRD) through SERVIR Eastern and Southern Africa project (SERVIR ESA) is conducting a three day training on GIS and Remote Sensing (RS) for stakeholders in Tanzania. Leonard Sweta the Geo-Information Training Coordinator & Principal Trainer at RCMRD and Kenneth Kasera the UserEngagement Lead for SERVIR-ESA and RCMRD are the trainers.

Aim of the Training:
The aim of this course is to provide both a solid theoretical understanding and a comprehensive practical introduction to the use of geographic information systems and remote sensing technologies for the analysis and solution of different water and environmental problems. The training in Iringa, one of Tanzania's 31 administrative regions.This training is as a result of the user engagement meeting on Stream Flow Service that was conducted in May/June 2018, in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

The meeting was attended by staff from Ministry of Water and Irrigation, Bain Water Office, Regional Administrative Secretariat Local Government, National Irrigation Commission, Insittute of Water Resources, University of Dar Es Salaam, Urban Water Supply Authority, Water Users Association, TANESCO, Tanzania Met Agency. One of the areas that was raised as a need in the meeting was to conduct a training on GIS and RS to bring all the stakeholders at the same level in terms of understanding applications of GIS/RS and before advanced training on hydrological models. The training will focus on basics in GIS/RS tailored to geospatial data acquisition and processing for application in water resources management.

Objectives of the workshop

Understanding the basic concepts and principles in Geographic Information Technology;Understanding the basic concepts and data mining in Remote sensing technology and Understanding and applying GIS and RS in Watershed Management.

Expected Outcomes
It is expected that there will be increased understanding on Geographic Information Technology and Remote sensing application in watershed management and that there will be basic understanding of geospatial data sources and types (data mining) and analysis by the trainees.

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