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RCMRD recently conducted a two-week training for Surveyors and Engineers from the Department of Survey in Sudan. The training focused on GNSS and data processing for precise applications. This was a 2-week course from October 22 to November 2, 2018 that enabled attendees to achieve proficiency, not merely familiarity, with the essential aspects of using GPS / GNSS signals. In attendance were 15 Surveyors and an Engineer from the Department of Survey Based in Sudan.

The participants were trained on data processing, online or converted data, analyzing and the application of the data. It not only thoroughly addressed current and future GPS signals, but also drilled deeply into available details of signals from other satellite-based positioning and timing systems. As attendees understood similarities and distinctions between different systems and signals, they were equipped to take advantage of signals from multiple systems. The training covered areas around GNSS and data processing. It started with the concepts of space positioning and GNSS technologies, processing data with Leica/geo office an introduction into open source and finally raster and vector analysis.

By the end of the two-week training, the participants had learnt how to perform a raster and vector analysis using QGIS, convert GNSS data using vendor and open source software, process GNSS data and create site data and point cloud. Mohamed Said, a Surveyor from the Department of Survey in Sudan, spoke on behalf of the attendees, and thanked the facilitators for presenting them an offer to learn something new. “It would be nice if you could come over to Sudan and continue where we left off from this training. Maybe then you can access the people who couldn’t come for this lecture and if this lecture is any testament, the larger audience will surely gain a lot from you.” 

He said, “We really enjoyed learning at RCMRD. Other than that hard to acquire instrument, I like how you had every instrument that was needed and because of that, we ended up having first-hand experience in learning the ins and outs of the instruments.” He further stated that it was because of the training acquired that all the surveyors present can confidently go back knowing that they’ve learnt something new. David Sakwa a Survey Technician at RCMRD Byron Anangwe RCMRD’s Business Development and Marketing Officer and Mike Nyamori, a Surveyor in Kenya facilitated the two week workshop.

Anangwe introduced the trainees to the Center, giving a brief overview of the departments under RCMRD and what each department does in relation to the vision of the institution. “Though it is a short training session, we appreciate you taking time off your schedule to attend to attend this training,” Muya Kamamia the Principal Geomatic Officer at RCMRD said in the closing session. “It is my hope that this training has covered the pressing areas that brought you here.” Muya said, “One thing with such workshops is that it brings out cooperation and cooperation leads to the formation of a relationship, a relationship that we as your facilitators hope to foster into the future.”

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