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ISPRS/RCMRD Summer School 2018
The Department of Surveys and Mapping, Botswana under the auspices of the Ministry of Land Management Water and Sanitation Services, Botswana is hosting the ISPRS/RCMRD Summer School 2018 Series. This is held in partnership with University of Botswana (UB), International Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ISPRS) and the Regional Centre for Mapping of Resources for Development (RCMRD).

About the Summer School
This Summer School provides an opportunity for students and young researchers to listen to lectures from various prominent professors and experts within the profession. Participants are expected to gain knowledge from a series of lectures, practical sessions and excursion at a minimum cost. It also provides a platform to the participants to communicate with the experienced professors and industry experts apart from interact with participants from different countries to widen their professional networks.

The design of the summer school program is based on lectures and practical sessions. Lectures on topics relevant to big geosensing data ecosystem are delivered by experienced professors and experts in the field and are accompanied by practical sessions. The practical sessions are not limited to learning through computers, but also include group discussion that challenge participants to think of real world problems and improve their presentation skills. Industry experts are invited to showcase their latest technology or software for data acquisition and data analytic in remote sensing, photogrammetry and geospatial information sciences. The students and young researchers, who are the future users of technology and software are expeced to obtain latest technology updates from this technical demonstrations that are conducted by the industry experts.

The Summer School provides participants with the opportunity to develop crucial skills required for spatial data processing to address environmental challenges. Throughout the learning week participants are focusing on developing fundamental and independent-learning skills in natural resource mapping using Earth Observation (EO)/Remote Sensed (RS) data. Many different, complementary and sometimes overlapping tools are presented to provide an overview of the existing arena of open source software available for spatial data processing.

The summer school will enable participants to further develop and enhance Earth Observation (EO) data processing skills elucidated by tertiary institutions. Most importantly, it will allow them to start using remote sensing data from ISPRS associate agencies such as European Space Agency (ESA), National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) amongst others. With continuous practice during the learning week, participants will get more familiar with the EO data as well as developing competencies in areas, including; Working with Geo-Information Technologies (GIT/GIS) and EO, Use of Open Source Data & Tools: QGIS 2.18.14 and Learn Google Earth Engine (GEE).

Expected Outcomes:
It is expected that thecapability to pre-process and analyze remote sensing data will increase, while the use of open source tools in analysis of GIS and remote sensing data will be built and Institutional linkages of participating institutions as well as technical capacities will be developed.

The event was organised by the Ministry of Land Management Water & Sanitation Services in Botswana, the University of Botswana, the International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing and the Regional Centre for Mapping of Resources for Development (RCMRD).

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