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Even in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the planet needs to be cared for. On Saturday, 19th September, 2020, as the world marked World Clean-up Day, RCMRD staff joined the global effort to combat waste by participating in World Cleanup Day. Thou due to COVID they couldn’t come together in large groups, the staff cared for the planet through a clean-up activity within RCMRD premises. Some of the activities conducted were unblocking water ways, collecting litter and disposing waste in the right places.

World Cleanup Day unites people across the world to take action on waste in the community from their households, streets, and more so now with COVID 19 restrictions -digitally. This environmental based program was established in 1993, and advocates for local environmental issues. This is an agenda close to the heart of RCMRD, which is currently implementing a project on Biodiversity and Protected areas Management (BIOPAMA) program which addresses issues on biodiversity and natural resources in African and pacific countries.


Through clean up days, we are cultivating a positive attitude to the younger generation on proper management of the environment. It is important to protect our planet through less pollution, using biodegradable materials. In order to maintain a clean environment, there are some effective ways we can use to reduce the impact and make a difference in our environment. First, using reusable bags which are biodegradable for shopping, will help reduce pollution on the environment, using reusable water bottles in place of plastic water bottles, which in the long run saves you money as well, making sure your waste from either home or office goes in the right place and recycle what can be recycled.


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