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On May 20 and 21, 2021 the Regional Centre for Mapping of Resources for Development (RCMRD) hosted Laikipia University students Bachelors of Education (Arts) students. The 80 students were fourth year students pursuing Geography.  The students who were on a familiarization visit on Remote sensing and GIS are pursuing the two as major units in their undergraduate studies. The visit aimed at understanding how remote sensing and GIS Theory learnt in class in applied in the field. During the visit, some of the areas visited were the data office, which is a department in charge of data acquisition and processing, archiving and cataloguing, dissemination and marketing data from MODIS, Landsat, Sentinel and LASAC to the various diverse users.

The other office of interest was the engineering section. The Centre’s Engineering workshop that does maintenance, calibration and repair of surveying instruments continued to offer its services to Kenya and RCMRD member States. This section provided an opportunity for the University students to familiarize themselves with relevant tools such as theodolites, total stations, among others.

Tour of the Engineering Lab: Fourth Year Students from Laikipia Univsersity studying Bachelor of Education Arts ( Geography) visited RCMRD  


According to RCMRD's User Engagement Lead Mr. Kenneth Kasera, "geospatial technology has become a key component for development in the country." The County Integrated Plan in Kenya requires every county to develop a spatial plan as per the Kenyan constitution. This means more employment opportunities for the students pursuing remote sensing, GIS and other geospatial related courses.

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