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       Who we are?

The AfriGEO an initiative of the African continent in Group on Earth Observations (GEO) that provides a coordination framework and platform for Africa’s participation in GEO and contribute to the development of GEOSS. AfriGEO consists of Africa based GEO member states (31) and 11 participating regional institutions known as the African Caucus.

The Group on Earth Observations (GEO) is an intergovernmental organization working to improve the availability, accessibility and use of Earth Observation for the benefit of the society. GEO Global priorities include supporting the UN Agenda for sustainable development, the Paris Climate Agreement, Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction and most recently Sustainable Urban Development.

Functions of AfriGEO

·       Unilateral articulation of regional issues in GEO for prioritization

·       Strengthen the link between the existing GEO activities and Initiatives with existing capabilities in Africa

·       Provide the necessary framework for the countries and organization to access and leverage on going bilateral and multilateral Earth Observation initiatives across Africa

·       Also access the local and international bilateral and multilateral EO based initiatives across Africa

·       Strengthening connections between the GEO activities and African activities thereby supporting the continuously growing African EO community and the ongoing national and regional programs

·       Supporting the downscaling of GEO Global initiatives to regional and national levels

·       Providing framework for African countries to participate in successful implementation of the 2016-2025 GEO strategic plan and development of GEOSS

What we do?

AfriGEO works actively to improve and coordinate global EO systems and promote broad and open data sharing, policies and practices. The African members states and participating organizations recognize the need to improve and coordinate across the societal benefit areas (SBAs) in Africa.

The African continent benefit from better access, understanding development and use of EO data products and services by focusing on building human, institutions and technological capabilities. The products and services information derived to better inform decision and policy making.

AfriGEO Secretariat

RCMRD that is based in Nairobi, Kenya was officially appointed as the AfriGEO secretariat during the 3rd AfriGEO symposium in Gabon, but undertook operations in May 2019.

How we do?

AfriGEO goals are achieved through the implementation of identified short term areas, that include:

               I.         Continental, regional and National coordination

             II.         Access to data and infrastructure

           III.         Capacity development at individual and institutional level

            IV.         Focus on thematic areas under the user needs and application with prioritization on the societal benefit areas that include:

·       Food security and Agriculture

·       Sustainable Urban development

·       Water Resource Management

·       Sustainable Forest Management

·       Land Cover/ Land Degradation Neutrality

·       EO4 Health

·       Climate Services and Adaptation

·       Mobilization of financial and in-kind resources

·       Communication and outreach

·       Data access and Infrastructure

How you can get involved?

Ø  Co-develop proposal in the thematic areas that addresses the critical gap with use of EO data, tools and services for contribution to relevant environmental, socio-economic science and technology to African Agendas

Ø  Participation in Seminars, Webinars, workshops and the Annual AfriGEO symposium organized by the AfriGEO secretariat and partners

Ø  Innovation Challenges


    Past Events

1.      The 3rd AfriGEO symposium held in Gabon, that officially appointed RCMRD as the secretariat of the AfriGEO

2.      The 4th AfriGEO symposium, hosted by RCMRD was joint event of the 3rd international conference

3.      The 4th AfriGEO symposium that was held on 13th to 16th August 2019 - The main objective being to spur the exchange of ideas on fast tracking the application of EO and geospatial technologies in Sustainable development and decision-making processes. The conference themed “EO for evidence-based decisions making” This was Preceded by launch of pre symposium on 12th August, of the Digital Earth Program that is working towards analysis ready data that will foster innovation and development of different applications to address various development challenges.



4.    The 5th AfriGEO symposium, 2021. Virtual meeting held 17-19 Nov, 2021. The theme was “Open science for growing African Industries in Earth Observation” Purpose of symposium: AfriGEO community to have better engagement, momentum to initiatives

5.     A series of the Special Edition Focus on AfriGEO, GEO Health Community of Practice held an interactive telecom on 29th March. The meeting included brief project highlights and interactive group discussion. The information gathered will be used to inform activities of VMO/WHO Study group on climate services for Health as well as Research funding activities including Belmont Forums Climate and Environment and Health Collaborative Research action.

6.     Successive telecom meetings will be held on 5th & 12th April to continue with the conversation.

Upcoming Events

1.     UN/Ghana 5th International Conference on the use of space technologies for water Resource Management.

2.     EO for water resource Assessment and monitoring course, to be held 15-19th May. 2nd face to face course of the EO Africa R&D facility will take place in ACCRA Ghana.

AfriGEO 2022-2023 Activities

ü  Strengthening intraregional collaboration and international partnership through participation in GEO initiatives and collaboration of members.

ü  Implementation of AfriGEO thematic area & priority initiatives & development of projects in support of policy decisions

ü  Increase AfriGEO membership in Africa, especially in SADC. To promote members joining the RCMRD GC has had engagement at different level including advocacy.

ü  Annual AfriGEO symposium to be held in Accra Ghana from 31 October to 05 November 2022 , at the Accra International Conference Center alongside GEO week 2022 taking place at the same time and venue. These shall be organized as side events within the GEO Week Program.

ü  EO Innovation Challenge

ü  Ocean Challenge for Africa in Collaboration with GEOBlue Planet, Mercator, UNESCO and other partners

AfriGEO & Linked GEO Initiatives for 2022-2023 Priority Action Areas

The activities ranging from access to Earth Observation data, tools and products covering the societal benefit areas that include:

o   GEO biodiversity Observations Network (GEOBON)

o   GEO Global Agriculture Monitoring (GEOGLAM/AFRIGAM) for crop monitoring and crop prize stabilization.

o   Global Forest Observation initiative (GFOI) for REDD+ reporting

o   GEO Blue Planet for oceans and marine

o   GEO Human Planet initiatives foe Sustainable urban planning

o   Digital Earth Africa

o   GEO Mountains

o   GEO Aqua Watch

o   EO4Health

AfriGEO Secretariat Reports

AfriGEO Initiative and the Connectivity Issues in Africa

AfriGEO - Implementing GEO initiatives in Africa (GEO Work Program 2020 - 2022)

Earth Observation Companies Profile in GEO/AFRIGEO Member States

AfriGEO geoportal





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