Kenya Military School Students acquainted at RCMRD


The Regional Centre for Mapping of Resources for Development (RCMRD) recently hosted students from the Kenya school of Military Intelligence (SOMI). The students were oriented on the importance and application of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and how it plays a pivotal role in military operations.

The visit familiarized the more than 15 students with the work that RCMRD undertakes in fulfilling our mission through Geographic Information System (GIS), Satellite Remote Sensing, Global Positioning System (GPS) and Information Technology (IT). The Centre is also vigorously involved in the promotion of the development of National Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) in its member States and in Africa.

They toured various sections and projects at RCMRD and heard about the use of GIS applications including by military forces where GIS is used in a variety of applications including cartography, terrain analysis, remote sensing, military installation management, intelligence, battle field management and monitoring of possible terrorist activities.

They also discussed instruments used for data collection and the emerging GIS threats in Kenya and globally.