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Registration is open for the African Reference Frame (AFREF) and Global  Navigation Satellite Systems(GNSS) Data Processing workshop.  The  workshop to be held between October 4 to 8, 2021, aims to provide a forum for the Land Ssurveyors, Geodesists, Engineers, Earth Research Scientists, Cartographers from African countries with experience in Global  Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) technologies. 

RCMRD invites the related international communities to attend, acquire new knowledge and share their results and plans for the future as well as to initiate new collaborations and projects in the fruitful atmosphere of this highly topical workshop.

African  Geodetic  Reference  Frame  (AFREF)  is  a  modern  and  uniform    geodetic  reference frame for Africa, fully consistent with the International Terrestrial Reference  Frame (ITRF)  and global coordinate  systems  to support national,  regional and  global  applications  in Africa including civil aviation, regional infrastructural  development, Land  administration   and management,   precision & commercial farming, weather forecast,  and other earth science  studies.   

AFREF  is composed of a network of  Continuously  Operating Reference   Stations (CORS) using Global Navigation Satellite Systems  (GNSSS)  technologies.  AFREF  data  and products are  freely  available and are  being  used   in   various   positioning applications with positioning accuracy of  sub meter   to  millimeter levels. AFREF is endorsed for implementation and supported by International Association of  Geodesy   (IAG)   International   Global   Navigation   Satellite   System   Service   (IGS),  Federation  of International  Surveyors  (FIG),   United Nations  Office of Outer Space  Affairs (UNOOSA)   and United Nations committee of expert on Global Geospatial  Information Management (UN-GGIM)  

The purpose of the course is to provide knowledge and skills on the establishment of real time geodetic  networks  using real time control points/monuments inform of CORS using GNSS technologies  to support various  positioning  applications. 

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