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Sentinel program is a joint effort of European Space Agency and European Commission to replace and continue existing older earth observation missions ensuring no data gaps on global monitoring of environment and security. It has a series of missions where Sentinel‐1 and Sentinel‐2 missions launched in 2014 and 2015 respectively, focus on various applications of land monitoring. The satellites in Sentinel mission acquire data in Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) mode while in Sentinel‐2 mission acquire in Multispectral mode. The earth observation data in both modes provide different information complementing each other, for instance, SAR is less sensitive to weather conditions, so it substitutes to multispectral data in cloud prone areas. Sentinel data are valuable resources for land monitoring and
have proven applications for hydrology, vegetation, crop, and natural disasters. All data acquired by Sentinel program are available at free of cost and have great potentials to land cover mapping and environment monitoring in Eastern and Southern Africa region. The training on Sentinel data analysis tools and techniques will certainly advanced the capability of the professionals in the RCMRD and its partners in the region. It was conducted between June 10 and 14.

This training targeted stakeholders from Universities, Government departments and NGO’s in Sentinel satellites data analysis for forest monitoring and biomass estimation applications. In addition, the training provided knowledge on theories of microwave radar, data analysis and hands‐on practice in Sentinel-1 SAR-C data analysis tools and techniques focusing on forest mapping and biomass monitoring, and vegetation mapping. The specific objectives of the workshop were: 1. Acquisition and pre-processing of Sentinel-1 data, 2. Work with / Apply Sentinel data (SAR), 3. Use open source tools: SNAP and QGIS and 4. Initiate and foster further training by the workshop participants to promote institutional capacities in Satellite data analysis for various applications. 

The expected outcomes incuded capability to pre-process and analyse sentinel-1 data and use open source tools in analysis of sentinel data. RCMRD/SERVIR-ESA's Edward Ouko the Landscapes & Ecosystems Lead and David Ongo a GIS Technician attended and led the training.

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