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Today is World’s Meteorological Day whose theme is “Weather-Ready, Climate Smart”.

According to the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), since the Earth’s Climate is changing very fast, relevant climate information is required in order to protect lives, livelihood and property. And the National Hydrological and Meteorological Services (NHMSs) have the responsibility of making this information available.

RCMRD’s Meteorological Expert and SERVIR Eastern and Southern Africa Technician James Nyaga Wanjohi explains, “From a regional context, the past year has been marked by significant weather changes such as drying and wetting from the climatological rainfall averages. “

He says some places have experienced declining environmental temperatures while it has increased in others. “Clearly, the tropics have one of the most complicated weather patterns on earth. Therefore, it is quite important to have regular information on the status of the weather and climate in the region, because there are so many users that exist today. These are farmers, those in transport, urban city planners and more. But gathering this information is quite an expensive task.”

This year, the theme of the daylong observance is ‘Weather-Ready, Climate-Smart.’ Last year, World Meteorological Day highlighted the importance of clouds for weather climate and water. We also celebrated the inherent beauty and aesthetic appeal of clouds. It continues where 2017 left-off - "with extreme weather which has claimed lives and destroyed livelihoods."

Through the theme, WMO underscores the importance of being weather-ready. An early warning is an important factor in disaster risk reduction; and multi-hazard early warnings enable those concerned to simultaneously address flooding, storms, and other major hazards, long before such hazards arise.

At RCMRD, we leverage on the use of Earth Observation (EO) data which has a greater resolution (temporal, radiometric, spectral and spatial) providing vast information about the status of the atmosphere. We at RCMRD are celebrating this year’s WMO theme by championing our mission which is to promote sustainable development in our member states through generation, application and dissemination of geo-information and allied ICT technologies, products and services.

Being weather-ready requires involving people and the communities at risk and the provision of impact-based early warning.

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