Tanzania Open Day

RCMRD through the SERVIR Eastern and Southern Project is implementing the open day and mentorship events within its member states. This platform is meant to enhance interaction, user engagement and participation in service development and delivery.

The users are encouraged to provide feedback on the services offered at the Centre through this platform as well.

The open days aim at:

1. Showcasing and disseminating tools, products, methods, and data that SERVIR has worked on under water and water-related disasters thematic areas.

2. Feedback on the methods, tools, and products.

3. Creating awareness and status updates on the progress so far in items listed in 1 above.

4. Data access and inventory development.

5. Share lessons learned and discussions around the sustainability of the product.

The participants:

Participants will include representatives of the Government agencies, policy makers, private sector, media, and academia.


For FY 2022 the RCMRD will cover the following countries:

● Kenya

● Rwanda

● Tanzania

● Zambia and

● Uganda 

The RCMRD open days encompass the following aspects:

● Students Mentorship: The KUZA Programme

● Data Access and Sharing

● Training on Current GEO- Topics

● Showcase of RCMRD/ SERVICES

Downloadable Materials: 

The following materials are relevant for more information regarding the RCMRD/SERVIR open day workshop

RCMRD Open Day and Mentorship Program Concept and Agenda

SERVIR E&SA Open Day Presentation

SERVIR E&SA Open Day VIA Service

Data at RCMRD

Lecture 1 Part A

Lecture 1 Part B

Satellite Imagery Inventory

Streamflow Monitoring Data Platform

Water Quality - Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda


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