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Project Title: Land Cover Change Mapping to Support the System for Land Based Emissions Estimation in Kenya (SLEEK)
Country implemented: Kenya
The System for Land-based Emissions Estimation in Kenya (SLEEK) is a government of Kenya program to develop a robust and credible system for estimating land-based emissions in Kenya. SLEEK aims to build a comprehensive account of the land sector, it draws together data from a range of sources including: Forest cover and growth

rates; Soil data and measurements of carbon emissions resulting from various land‐use regimes; Climate and meteorological data; Remote sensing data that will be used to delineate the country into various land cover types and Measurements of carbon emissions associated with various crop and plant types


The SLEEK Land Cover Change Mapping (LCC) Program aims to create a sustainable and technically rigorous process for providing land cover and change information required for national land based greenhouse gas (GHG) estimation under the SLEEK program. The focus of this is on providing nationwide, time series consistent, land cover maps for Kenya. The maps will allow for analysis of land cover and cover change through time. In addition to supporting SLEEK, the maps and statistics produced by the program will serve as official Government documents for informing Government processes across the land sector – such as land use planning, tracking deforestation, and landscape restoration.
Implementation of the Land Cover Change mapping program is in partnership with Department of Resource Surveys and Remote Sensing (DRSRS) as the Lead government organization with support from the Regional Centre of Mapping of Resources for Development (RCMRD), Kenya

classificationForest Service (KFS), and Survey of Kenya (SOK). Through the SLEEK- LCC program 16 Land Cover change maps will be developed between 1990 and 2014 to support the emissions reporting process. Further to this, the Kenya Forest Service has expressed interest in using these maps as tools for forest monitoring, to inform policy as well as in developing the Forest Reference Level for Kenya, a process that will be supported by JICA as well as in REDD+ initiatives






High level schematic of LCC processing workflow.


Status: Completed

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